Frequently asked questions

I'm a doing my PhD at the MPI or I'm a member of the Graduate School Chemical Biology already. Do I have to obtain Nanodots as well?

No, special rules apply for Phd students participating in another qualified graduate school with a comparable profile. In general they usually obtain their qualification in their respective school.

I have only been member of the IRTG for part of my thesis. Do I have to obtain all 10 Nanodots or is this reduced?

You have two options: First, to obtain so much Nanodots that you have more than 10*(months in the IRTG)/(total months of PhD). Second, if you already did comparable training outside the IRTG you can use this to fill up the Nanodots.

I have enough Nanodots and finished my PhD, but I did not get the Certificate yet. What should I do?

We probably don't know that you have defended. Please send us an email.

I'm a principal investigator (Teilprojektleiter). Should I at all read this pages?

Yes, we would like to kindly ask you to introduce the IRTG to newly arriving PhD student, e.g. by pointing them to the information on this web site. It would be also nice to inform us about new PhD students, as well as the ones leaving. The best way is by email.

I'm a PhD student in the group of XY and don't know, if I'm a member of the IRTG and the rules with Nanodots apply for me. How do I find out?

All PhD student, who are working on projects within SFB 767 are member by default. It is not necessary, that SFB 767 is on your contract. Please ask your supervisor, if you are not sure. You or your supervisor should inform us about your entry into the IRTG Nano.

When and how often should I submit my Nanodots? How do I get notified, if they are accepted?

It is enough to submit the Nanodots once per year. After 4 weeks, you can ask Sabine Lucas about the status.