Gender Equality Measures within the SFB 767

The University of Konstanz and the SFB 767 themselves act as gender-equitable and family-friendly institutions.They are committed to achieve equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women at all levels of qualification. Equal opportunities and equal treatment are considered criteria of excellence and quality in all decision-making processes as well as in all organizational and individual actions. In order to implement equal opportunities for all employees, the University of Konstanz has subscribed to a gender-related code of practice (Gender Kodex) which is an agreement for 10 standards on gender equality and family orientation.

Gender Consultant Service for Natural Sciences

As implementation of gender equality and equity in research, referring to the Code of Practice on Gender Equality (Gender Kodex), the University of Konstanz created the Gender Consulting Service in 2012. Located at the Office of Equal Opportunity and Family Affairs, the Gender Consultants work at the interface between research and university management. 

The SFB and the Gender Consultant are working close together to ensure gender equality as well as science and family. There is a variety of possibilities to address the individual needs of the SFB’s researcher: 

  • funds for ensuring the progress of the scientific project if a SFB member will take parental leave or reduce work time due to family reasons and for assisting the researcher to enable a fast and smooth restart after a break 
  • because several children of SFB members use the child care facilities of the University we use parts of the budget for co-financing these facilities
  • see more details here.
Dr. Sandra Weimer, Gender Consultant for Natural Sciences (see Contact Box for further information)

Since February 2016, Dr. Sandra Weimer works as Gender Consultant for Natural Sciences at the University´s Office for Equal Opportunity and Family Affairs.
Dr. Anke Schwarzenberger will substitute Dr. Sandra Weimer as gender consultant until September 2018.

News and future events


  • MEiN - Mentoring with Experts and international Networking
    MEiN is a mentoring program designed to encourage female doctoral students to develop an academic career by gaining international experience, extending her professional network at an early stage of career and mentoring with renowned researchers and accompanying workshops.
  • A step towards career AND family for Researcher with family duties
    Kids & Co –Children accompanying their parent(s) on a business trip
    Zeiträume für die Forschung
  • Networking Lunch for of the SFB 767 female Scientist
    Buffet lunch and informal networking for professional exchange, updates on Gender Consultant activities and discussion on and experiences within an academic career with other local professionals.
    Next meeting will be in October 2017


  • May 4, 2017 at 8 pm in Wolkenstein Saal, Kulturzentrum Konstanz „Curie_Meitner_Lamarr_unteilbar“ 
    A play about women and research -Radiation. Nuclear fission. Frequency hopping.
    "portraittheater" by Anita Zieher and Sandra Schüddekopf (

Successful targeted measures of the past years

  • MIN Program: Mentoring International for Female Natural Scientists
    The MIN programme was established at the University of Konstanz in autumn 2013. It provides female doctoral students and post-docs with the opportunity to make contact with renowned scientists and supports awareness concerning career possibilities. Since November 2016, the MEiN program represents the successor of the MIN program.
  • Workshops as support for young female scientists
    Leading and supervising a team successfully; PD Dr. Angelina Topan, 30-31 July, 2014
    Self-positioning and career planning; Susanne Matuschek, 20-21 November 2013
    Where do I stand right now and where do I go? Analysis of your potentials; PD Dr. Angelina Topan, 22-23 October 2013
    More information about future and past workshops here.
  • The Girls Physics Camps (KonPhys-Camp) at the university of Konstanz were part of the program Schülerinnen forschen of the Ministry of Science and Arts (MWK) of the state Baden-Württemberg. They offered an insight into physics research for female high school students and were supported by SFB 767 until 2015.