Training Program

The training program for PhD students provides a number of measures shown below. All PhD students working in the projects of the SFB 767 are members of the IRTG.

The successful completion of the training program is documented by 10 NanoDots (ND) for the full PhD period. The NanoDots can be obtained by participation in the PhD training program according to following rules:

  • Participation in a Topical Discussion Group , regular attendance of various Seminars (mandatory)
  • Participation/Organization of Crash Course: 1ND
  • Organization of/Scientific Talk at Mini-Symposium: 1ND
  • Participation in Scientific School: 1ND
  • One Semester Course Lectures: 1ND
  • Participation in Transferable Skills: 1ND
  • Participation at/Organization of Practical Laboratory Training: 1ND
  • Scientific Talk at an International Conference: 1ND
  • Publication as Main Author in Refereed Journal: 1ND

The qualification of different measures should be confirmed by a responsible principle investigator and Mrs Eva Dutt should be notified.

Current list of NanoDots: Visit the Intranet.