Successfully targeted measures

Below you can find a list of all relevant information regarding the successfully targeted measures that allow the SFB 767 to ensure gender equality. These include the MEiN (former MIN) Program, several workshops, and more.

MEiN Program: Mentoring with Experts and international Networking (previously MIN Program)

MEiN is a mentoring program designed to encourage female doctoral students to develop an academic career by gaining international experience, extending her professional network at an early stage of career and mentoring with renowned researchers and accompanying workshops.

For detailed information, please visit the MEiN Program website.

MIN Program: Mentoring International for Female Natural Scientists

The MIN programme was established at the University of Konstanz in autumn 2013. It provides female doctoral students and post-docs with the opportunity to make contact with renowned scientists and supports awareness concerning career possibilities. Since November 2016, the MEiN program represents the successor of the MIN program.

Girls Physics Camps (KonPhys Camps)

The Girls Physics Camps (KonPhys-Camp) at the university of Konstanz were part of the program Schülerinnen forschen of the Ministry of Science and Arts (MWK) of the state Baden-Württemberg. They offered an insight into physics research for female high school students and were supported by SFB 767 until 2015.

Workshops as support for young female scientists

Leading and supervising a team successfully - workshop for female and male scientists

University of Konstanz, 30-31 July, 2014
Trainer PD Dr. Angelina Topan.
max 10 participants*
- Self management: individual ressources and strengths 
- Leadership skills and supervision skills: communication, motivation, delegation, feedback 
- How to manage teams: learn about instruments of team management
- Reflection on your own role (leading and/or supervising) 
- Leadership styles 
- Leading with challenging goals 
- Communication 
- Team building instruments 
- Dealing with gender and diversity aspects

*This workshop was offered as a test run in the field of gender consulting in science, therefore the number of female and male participants had to be equal, 5 places for female and 5 for male scientists.

Self-positioning and career planning - workshop for female scientists

University of Konstanz, 20-21 November 2013
Trainer Susanne Matuschek
max 10 participants
Topics: career models, current developments, key players, possible career pathways, self-management, support for orientation and strategies, ...

Where do I stand right now and where do I go? Analysis of your potentials - workshop for female scientists

University of Konstanz, 22-23 October 2013
Trainer PD Dr. Angelina Topan
max 10 participants
The purpose of this workshop was to provide the participants with a process for analyzing competences and the current career situation as well as possible future career options.