B05 – Terahertz quantum optics with semiconductor nanostructures

Funding period: 2008 – 2015

Principal investigator: Alfred Leitenstorfer

Scientific staff: Johannes Bühler, Bernhard Mayer, Alexej Pashkin, Christian Schmidt, Christian Traum

Project B05 investigates the new limit of ultrastrong coupling where a quantum emitter exchanges photons with a radiation mode on time scales comparable to a cycle of light. Unconventional phenomena of cavity electrodynamics have been predicted to occur under such conditions, provided that the coupling strength is modulated with ultrafast speed. Emission of correlated photon pairs out of the quantum vacuum represents one example. Novel nanostructures are studied with multi-terahertz techniques in order to establish experimental access to this new physics.

  • Schematic of the femtosecond optical switch based on the quantum wells strongly coupled to the terahertz waveguide mode
  • Nonadiabatic conversion of bare terahertz photons into cavity polaritons

For further information please also refer to the group website: LS Leitenstorfer.

List of publications


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