Collaborative Research Center SFB 767

Since 2008 the Collaborative Research Center 767 Controlled Nanosystems: Interaction and Interfacing to the Macroscale funded by the DFG is the basis of nanoscale research activities at the University of Konstanz. The SFB initiative addresses the challenge of achieving a detailed understanding of the interaction of nanostructures, both among themselves and with their macroscopic environment. The common goal is always to precisely control and manipulate the mechanical, optical, electronic, and magnetic properties of nanostructures in order to achieve new functionalities.


Project C04 - Nature Communications: Correlation Driven Transport Asymmetries Through Coupled Spins in a tunnel junction

Spin–spin correlations are fundamental to many material properties because they favor certain ground states and are key in numerous models that describe the behavior of strongly correlated materials. While the sum of collective correlations usually lead to a macroscopically measurable change in properties, a direct quantification of correlations in atomic scale systems is difficult.

Using a scanning tunneling microscope we now determined the correlations between a localized spin and its electron bath by observing the appearance of differential conductance asymmetries during the coupling to a second spin in the junction.

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