C04 – Controlling the spin and electronic interaction in atomic and molecular contacts

Funding period: 01/2008 – 12/2019

Principal investigator: Uta Schlikum, Klaus Kern

Scientific staff:  Abishek Grewal,  Markus Ternes, Yuqi Wang
Former members: Tobias Herden, Peter Jacobson, Steffen Kahle, Thomasz Michnowicz, Matthias Muenks, Verena Schendel

Utilizing combined scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy at low temperature we study the electronic and magnetic properties of atomic and molecular junctions. We use differential conductance, inelastic spin-flip, force, and Kelvin probe spectroscopy. The interaction between different spins or between spins and correlated electron systems in the superconducting or Kondo state will be probed on different substrates. We control the electronic and magnetic state of molecules and atomic structures by varying the interaction strength via the electrostatic field, exchange interaction, or the mechanical forces exerted by the probing tip.

For further information please also refer to the group website: Nanoscale Science Department @ MPI

List of publications


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  • V. Schendel, C. Barreteau, M. Brandbyge, B. Borca, I. Pentegov, U. Schlickum, M. Ternes, P. Wahl, and K. Kern
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  • M. Ternes
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  • Tobias Herden, Markus Ternes, and Klaus Kern
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