A01 – Optical control of phonons and their dissipation in nanostructures

Funding period: 2008 – 2019

Principal investigator: Thomas Dekorsy

Scientific staff: Yuning Guo, Changxiu Li, Fan Yang
Former members: Delia Brick, Dirk Heinecke, Martin Großmann, Mike Hettich, Martin Schubert

Pulse repetition rate doubling by line-by-line phase modulation of a frequency comb using temporal self-imaging. This techniques enables resonant excitation of coherent acoustic phonons using high-repetition rate pulse lasers.

The goal of this project is the generation and control of coherent acoustic phonons in confined geometries through the excitation with femtosecond laser pulses. Phonon dissipation (and the influence of roughness and temperature on it), mode conversion, tuning and coupling of phonon modes in systems containing semiconductors, metals and emerging classes of materials will be investigated. Lateral propagation of surface acoustic waves will be extended to nanostructured membranes and 3D systems. New pathways arise from these systems for the control of phonons with respect e.g. to the thermoelectric properties which will be investigated as function of temperature and coupling to different environments with high spatial resolution.

For further information please also refer to the DLR website: Institut für Technische Physik

List of publications


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    Universität Konstanz, Pressemitteilung
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