Summer/Winter Schools

The students of the IRTG are encouraged to participate in Research Schools worldwide. Some Schools are supported by the SFB and/or are organized by members of the SFB.

Current schools of interest are:

  • QDev/NBIA Summer School 2018: Quantum Materials in Condensed Matter Physics
    August 19-24
    Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen (Denmark)
    Registration: until June 1, 2018
    This PhD summer course in condensed matter physics will provide a broad introduction to the fundamentals of quantum materials and the new types of phenomena that they may enable. The course will cover both the theoretical concepts underlying quantum materials and devices, and the state-of-the-art in experimental techniques for materials growth and the investigation of novel electronic and optical properties.

  • ESONN'18 - European School on Nanosciences und Nanotechnology
    August 26 - September 15
    Grenoble (France)
    Registration: March 8 - May 20, 2018
    From 2004, ESONN is a three-week course aimed at providing training for graduate students, postdoctoral and junior scientists from universities and laboratories, all around the world, in the field of Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies
    Poster: pdf

  • Topological Matter School 2018
    August 27-31
    Donostia-San Sebastián (Spain)
    Registration deadline: 08.04.2018
    The main goal of the Topological Matter School 2018 is to cover basic and advanced aspects of the field. Over one week, the school will provide extended lectures by leading experts on key aspects of topological matter.

  • 4th International Fall School ToCoTronics 2018
    September 17-20
    Wuerzburg (Germany)
    Registration Deadline: July 31, 2018
    Abstract Submission Deadline: August 15, 2018
    The school will provide a didactical introduction and a broad view into a large variety of experimental and theoretical methods and topics related to topological and correlated materials. It is addressed to students and young researchers working in these fields.

  • European School on Magnetism 2018 - "Magnetism by Light"
    September 17-28
    Krakow (Poland)
    Registration: March 5 - April 20, 2018
    ESM aims at providing young scientist with a through up-to-date insight into the fundamentals of magnetism. This covers a wide range of fundamental phenomena deeply rooted in condensed matter physics, specific instrumentation and opportunities for applications.The School is organized by the Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow (Chair: Marek Przybylski).

  • Cryocourse 2018: International school on cryogenics, microwave measurements and low temperature engineering for quantum technology
    September 21-26
    Aalto University, Otaniemi, Espoo (Finland)
    Registration:  until June 29, 2018
    Participation fee:  100 €
    Cryocourse is a series of scools dating back to 2002. It has been organized around the Europe approximately every second year. Cryocourse provides training in advanced cryogenic techniques by most knowledgeable and distinguished scientists in the field. In addition to low temperature physics, the school is valuable for young scientists, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers working on solid state quantum technology, developing new applications of low noise amplification, novel quantum components, and microwave measurements at single quantum level.

  • Topological Phases in Condensed Matter and Ultracold Atoms Systems
    October 2-12
    Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse, Menasina (France)
    Deadline Application : August 31, 2018
    Poster: pdf

  • Trends in Theory of Correlated Materials (TTCM 2018)
    October 8-10
    Geneva (Switzerland)
    Registration: until July 15, 2018
    This workshop is a continuation of very successful bilateral workshops between Japan and Swiss that has been held on a yearly basis since 2009. It aims at bringing together both communities of condensed matter people (mainly theorists) working on correlated materials and related. The workshop also aims at nurturing scientific exchanges, collaborations, and friendships among young physicists between the two countries.

  • International School: Tensor Network based approaches to Quantum Many-Body Systems
    November 13-17
    MPIPKS in Dresden (Germany)
    Applications received before 20 September 2018 are considered preferentially.
    Tensor networks provide a new paradigm for describing quantum many-body systems. This school covers recent progress in the fast moving field of tensor network based simulations of quantum many-body systems. Its main goal is to teach young PhD students the basics of tensor networks as well as the most recent technical developments within the field.
    Poster: pdf

  • Multi-electrode nanoscale transport with non-equilibrium Greens functions: From tight-binding to DFT
    November 20-23
    DTU Nanotech, Lyngby (Denmark)
    Participation fee: 100 €
    This is the third time this workshop will take place. The workshop is aimed at teaching participants the usage of the three combined tools:
    • 1. TBtrans (NEGF transport calculator for N-electrodes)
    • 2. TranSiesta (DFT+NEGF method for N-electrodes)
    • 3. sisl (Python tool for manipulating DFT Hamiltonians, creating tight-binding Hamiltonians and subsequent data analysis)
  • 15th Capri Spring School on Transport in Nanostructures 2019
    May 5 - 12
    Capri Island (Italy)
    Registration: until January 11, 2019
    Registration fee: 800 Euro
    This one week spring school will provide several lectures by leading experts supplemented by a few shorter seminars. The year 2018 school will address New directions in topological condensed matter physics. The speakers will give graduate level presentations introducing to state-of-the-art methods and techniques featuring the key issues of the field of superconducting quantum devices. While the school is primarily aimed at instructing PhD students and young postdoctoral researchers, more senior scientists who want to acquaint themselves with the subject of the school are also welcome.
    Poster: pdf

Past Summer/Winter Schools: