Workshops as support for young female scientists

  • Workshop for female and male scientists: 
    Leading and supervising a team successfully

    University of Konstanz, 30-31 July, 2014
    Trainer PD Dr. Angelina Topan.
    max 10 participants*
    - Self management: individual ressources and strengths 
    - Leadership skills and supervision skills: communication, motivation, delegation, feedback 
    - How to manage teams: learn about instruments of team management
    - Reflection on your own role (leading and/or supervising) 
    - Leadership styles 
    - Leading with challenging goals 
    - Communication 
    - Team building instruments 
    - Dealing with gender and diversity aspects

    *This workshop was offered as a test run in the field of gender consulting in science, therefore the number of female and male participants had to be equal, 5 places for female and 5 for male scientists.
  • Workshop for female scientists:
    Self-positioning and career planning
    University of Konstanz, 20-21 November 2013
    Trainer Susanne Matuschek
    max 10 participants
    Topics: career models, current developments, key players, possible career pathways, self-management, support for orientation and strategies, ....
  • Workshop for female scientists:
    Where do I stand right now and where do I go? Analysis of your potentials
    University of Konstanz, 22-23 October 2013
    Trainer PD Dr. Angelina Topan
    max 10 participants
    The purpose of this workshop was to provide the participants with a process for analyzing competences and the current career situation as well as possible future career options.